Group Accommodation in St. Petersburg — foreign tourists, teams, fans, teams, students

We have a great experience in accommodating big groups and know exactly what they need. Here in Red House Hostel we can accommodate up to 40 people simultaneously and provide the group's leaders separate rooms. But we also have accommodated huge groups of up to a 1000 people. This is possible because of our partnership with other hostels and hotels of the Saint-Petersburg. We are looking forward for a mutually beneficial cooperation with organizers of various cultural, sporting and corporate activities in Saint-Petersburg.

Our personnel are always ready to offer any kind of assistance to the guests. The most common services include: catering, sightseeing, transfer, tickets etc.

There are group discounts:

  • For a group of 5 to 10 people — a discount of 5%
  • For a bigger group — 10%

We are ready to discuss individual discounts and extra bonuses!

Tourist group accommodation

Accommodation tourist groups in St. PetersburgWe consider St. Petersburg to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. One can find something of interest here all year long and in every field of interest. We are happy to accommodate tourist groups at any time of year in our cozy hostel.

International travelers group accommodation

We have hosted travelers from over a 100 countries of the world and all of them were satisfied. Hosting international travelers groups our hostel realizes the responsibility it takes. We are responsible for the security and comfort of our guests. Hostel personnel speaks English and we are ready to answer any questions or even organize a q&a night for our guests. You can cook for yourself in the kitchen equipped with everything necessary. There is a wi-fi network and some guest computers at your disposal.

We also offer visa support and registration services.

Sport team accommodation

Student Accommodation in St. PetersburgSport team accommodation is one of the services our hostel is best suited for. You can relax and recover after competition or heavy training in our cozy and quiet hostel.

Student group accommodation

Students are the most emotional and energetic of all the travelers. We offer them a friendly environment and a possibility to have fun and make new friends without even leaving the hostel walls. We have a chill-out room with games and books, a playstation and even a turntable.

Dancing team accommodation

Accommodation creative groupsDancing teams are among our favorite guests. People of art can share their creativity in our spacious hall. One can practice dancing, stretching and photo shooting right here in the hostel. The house where the hostel is situated is a work of art by itself. Also the garden in the yard is very inspiring especially in the summer. We are proud that our hostel was visited by cinema teams as well as KVN teams and circus actors.

Accommodation of professionals

Groups of professionals usually arrive for professional growth and studying. They are busy during the day and require peace and quiet in the evening. We offer them separate rooms providing opportunity to rest and recover.

Accommodation of auto, moto and bicycle travelers

Accommodation bikers in St. PetersburgWe love auto, moto and bicycle travelers. These are usually courageous, unpretentious people with a sense of humor. We help them with storing their vehicles and surround them with attention and care.

Fan groups accommodation

Saint-Petersburg is one of the world’s sporting capitals. An enormous number of various festivals, concerts, competitions and matches take place here. As a result there are thousands of fans and support groups. We share their values and feelings. We also collect sport accessories and we will be glad to trade and replenish our collection.

Our hostel is situated in the center of Saint-Petersburg. We would be glad to help any kind of groups or individual travelers. You can get more information from our managers by phone or e-mail. Feel free to call and come to our great city. We are waiting for you!